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Choosing the Right Countertops in the Kitchen

When you buy houses that you intend on flipping the two rooms you will spend most of your budget in will be the bathroom and kitchen.  The old saying that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses is very, very true.  Now let’s talk about the kitchen, depending on the state of the house and what your budget is will determine how much you put into it.  Even on a limited budget one of the things I almost always swap out is the countertops.

It can have the biggest impact and modern countertops are a HUGE selling point to homebuyers.  No matter how much or how little cooking your potential buyer is going to do everybody uses the countertops and they want something nice to look at that feels long lasting and durable.  You can use some type of natural or artificial stone for the countertops.  Both work very well, they last and they look good.  There are thousands of different finishes and colors you can work with but find something that works with the rest of the décor.  Artificial countertops can be more resistant to damage and they are often the cheapest solution.  Here are some of the more popular countertops you can use in a flip.


This is an artificial stone but it is still extremely popular.  Corian is made into one single piece that matches the exact size of the countertop you need.  It is stylish, attractive and it is also non porous.  It is super easy to keep clean, which makes life much easier.  There is no grout or sections for crumbs and food debris to get into and build up.  Since it is manmade the color palette you can choose from is enormous.  Being affordable and easy to maintain makes this a great choice for a countertop.

Choosing the Right Countertops in the Kitchen


Granite is going to be extremely popular among any potential buyers.  They know what it is, it is high end, it is heat resistant and it is a solid surface in the kitchen.  Granite has a plethora of color choices and options making your kitchen unique not to mention highly durable.  However there are some pretty big drawbacks, it is expensive!  If you crack, or break it during installation, you’re screwed and you have to buy new granite.  It is porous and doesn’t really wear as well over time as Corian but if the house is a flip then sealing it every year is not your problem.

Choosing the Right Countertops in the Kitchen


Silestone like Corian is another manmade material and it looks a lot like granite.  Silestone however is significantly cheaper than granite.  Big drawbacks though, you can get stains or damage on your counter from everyday kitchen items such coffee, bleach, red wine, lemon juice, vinegar and heat.  If you have a lot of windows in your kitchen direct sunlight can change the color of the surface.  If you want to cut up veggies or anything else you will need a cutting board.

Choosing the Right Countertops in the Kitchen

There are plenty of more counter choices that you can pick from especially if you’ve got budget constraints.  There is also plenty of higher end finishes to pick from as well.  If you want a quick sale then you can’t go wrong with granite.

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