My name is Jon Hudson and this is my blog about flipping houses.

How it all started….

This is how it all started…

After graduating college, like everybody else, I couldn’t find a job.  My uncle who was a real estate broker talked me into getting into real estate sales, his whole pitch went something like this…”try it, you’re good with people…you probably won’t suck, and the money’s good”.  He’s always been encouraging like that.

In the end I did get my real estate license and what do you know…I didn’t suck.

I liked selling real estate well enough and it does give you a level of freedom that most jobs don’t.  During my tenure as a real estate agent I got the opportunity to meet contractors, investors and all kinds of people involved in the real estate market.  It was from there that I decided flipping was more for me.

Flipping gave me the freedom I wanted and it allowed me to be more ‘hands on’ whatever project I got involved in.  The financial perks were a lot better too.  However the first thing you need to know is that flipping in real life is NOTHING like what you see on TV.  Flipping is a lot of work and finding that first house is the hardest part.

If you’re new to the blog start with the flipping category it will guide you through finding that first house and get your feet we so to speak.